Need a Story For D&D?

So you’re playing with a friend – maybe being the GM for the first time, and you need something quick and easy to work off of. Maybe you’re a veteran looking for something new. We’ve got adventures everywhere!

Check out some oneshot stories from Ryan Breadinc available on DMsGuild, a fabulous resource for your Dungeons and Dragons adventuring. All stories are styled to help Dungeon Masters who might struggle a little with scripts and need a guideline for speaking along with.

Adventures for One Player, One DM/GM:

Room For One – Levels 5-7 Recommended

A long day of travel brings you to an inn with no innkeeper, and a winding mystery that you begin to unravel as you puzzle your way through the night. Where is the mysterious innkeeper, and why can you hear a child’s screams when you strain your ears?

Estimated Time: 3 Hours

Story Type: Adventure, Puzzle-Based

The Mystery of Mermaid’s Tail Tavern – Levels 13-15 Recommended

A seaside vacation, a dead man, and a host of suspects… it’s a mystery! Play with a host of unique NPCs as you attempt to solve the murder of the tavern owner of the Mermaid’s Tail Tavern.

Comes with bonus ‘NPC Guide,’ plus 4 entirely unhelpful magic items!

Story Type: Murder Mystery, Comedy, RP Focused

Adventures for Multiple Players:

On The Wrong Foot – 4-5 Players, Level 3-4 Recommended

A strange request from a peculiar and wealthy woman… what could happen next? The party is dragged into a developing adventure revolving around one woman and her… shoes?

Story Type: Adventure, Dark, Balanced RP/Combat

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